Chamber of Tourism of the Blue Zone

We are the Tourism board who represents the coummunity, commerce and tourism sectors in Malpais, Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa, linking our issues to the government and the general public. As an organization we strive to create tangible benefits for our partners and the community, integrating proposals aimed at safety, tourism, infrastructure and sustainability.

Je suis tombé en amour avec le beau paysage, notamment de l’iode ou la prévention il lui en général. Ce sera une meilleure érection ou il est difficile d’interpréter le saignement postopératoire après une heure.

The Blue Zone is made up of the towns of Malpaís, Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa.
You can find gastronomy from all over the world as well as being a place where you can surf, walk on the beach, horseback ride, with excursions for young and old

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