About us


Our mission is to lead the Sustainable Development and tourism promotion of the southern of the Nicoya peninsula (Blue Zone) observing a low-density regulatory plan and a micro, small and medium-sized business model (Mipymes)


Our vision is to make the area of ​​Santa Teresa-Malpaís-Hermosa-Manzanillo an example of destiny for the world, in which social and naturally sustainable, development aesthetically pleasing and of positive impact on the environment is evident, under the inspiration of wellness tourism and connection with nature, as the Blue Zone has always been.


  • Creation of the agreement with the ICT for the creation of the new police station, together with the ADI
  • Visit of Mr. Antonio Farah of the ICT Planning Department to inform residents of the area about the laws and obligations of the Terrestrial-Maritime Zone
  • Partnership with Costarrican congressmen to get their support various CATUZA initiatives before government institutions
  • Two meetings in the Presidential House to expose development problems in the area and the need to agree on a regulatory plan that encompasses the area in a sustainable manner
  • Accountability of Selina s on the situation of the wastewater treatment with ADI
  • Organization of the first political debate in Santa Teresa among candidates for mayor of Cóbano
  • Municipality, focused on specific situations to solve in our area

Strategic Alliances